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Jon Thompson

Shop Projects

EMF Frame Modification

Mounting the frame on the Globaljig upside down me the ability to control the datum change by dropping the rear control points down. Using a simple quick second setup. I was given a cardboard template of the datum change off of the later frame.

Duplicate AC Dashboard In 18 Ga. Steel

I did this project for a noted Vermont Restorer. Circa 1930 AC. The bead area around the steering column pass through was done by hand with a shaped steel dowel and heat.

1948 MGTC Body Tub Complete and Repairs

Forward sections of front fenders and the side cheek panel on the left front fender were fabricated and installed. Including the section staggered wired edge.The rear fenders were bought in from UK. We fit them both. We repaired the fuel tank with in h...

1949 Austin A40 Floors #1 UPDATED 12/25/23

The following photographs are the first forming operation for a set of replacement floors. More to come.

1967 Full Restoration Modification Custom Left And Right Front Inner Wheel Tubs From Wire Buck

Due to front suspension and cooling system modification we were unable to use the Healey front inner wheel wells. We started with a wire buck and then took rough paper patterns off of that wire buck, built the first wheel well, then took accurate paper...

1967 Austin Healey 3000 Full Restoration Modification Custom In Shop Brass Lower Air Intake Grilles

To improve cooling we have fabricated the brass lower intake grilles. Another piece of art produced by Andrew Mayberry under my direction and design.

Full Restoration And Upgrades 1967 Austin Healey 3000 Access Panel (#2)

Here are a few photographs of an access panel we are doing in the shop. Most of this work was done under my direction by my employee and friend Andrew Mayberry. The trough was done on the P9 Pullmax and most of the shaping was done by hand. The cover ...

1965 Austin Healey Full Restoration (Circa 2014) Carburettor Access Panel.

I was asked to bring back this Healey by a couple that had just purchased the car. They were passionate about this Healey and its restoration. They were referred to me by a former president of the New England Region of the Austin Healey Club of Americ...

1912 Ford Model T

A complete rebody from flat 19 gauge sheet, frame restoration, an the inner ash from dried rough sawn. From my history. Circa 2003.