The Anatomy Of A Door Skin

In this case I am using a tried and true process of discovering the profiles, shape and form of an MGA door skin. No station buck will be used. There are many ways to go about capturing the information to build a skin. This method was something I learned at a metal shaping seminar in the City Of Industry LA California in 1990 put on by Scott Knight and Ken Sakamoto. This experience along with Fay Butler's and Bill Peach's constant encouragement and help I have been using it since. Wray Schelin has his method, Peter Tommasini has his and so on. The paper represents the flat sheet metal and shows where we need to shrink and where to stretch. Very simple and works well for me. In a future post I will show the actual process. I used both doors to develop the pattern and gauges due to both being damaged in different sections.
Thank You Jon